Measure, visualise, and improve your code quality

CodeMR is an architectural software quality and static code analysis tool

Software systems are complex, understanding and evaluating a software is even more complex. We simplify the process of managing software quality.  CodeMR gives a quick, easy to understand insight about software quality.  It has a very easy to use,  fast interface, gives you design insights without extra bulk information.

CodeMR is integrated with Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA!

CodeMR analyses your source code on your local machine and save all analysis files to your local working directory. It does not share your source code with any our or third-party servers.

We have also an on-premise version that can run on your server or docker containers, and can be integrated with your CI/CD pipeline. Please get in touch for the on-premise version.

Multiple Languages Support


Measure your code quality metrics

You can check code complexity, cohesion, coupling, and size metrics while investigating code quality and see what is the state of your projects code quality with CodeMR.

Visualise your software on a single picture

You can extract and visualise your code in a single picture with Package Structure, TreeMap, Sunburst and Dependency views.
CodeMR has different filtering options and supports custom queries. It visualises high-level Object Oriented quality attributes and low level metrics. Quality attributes are derived from the combinations of several metrics. 

Extract modules and redesign your package structure

CodeMR supports extensive dependency analysis features together with quality attributes of modules. You can define custom metrics, custom thresholds and custom visualisations for a desired perspective of the system architecture. You can use our module extraction features to increase your domain driven package structure and migration to microservice architecture from monolithic application. You can divide your system into subsystems by defining working sets, and analyse them separately. You can define all of this by user interface or simply editing related json files.

"Better Code Better Quality!"