Better code, better quality!

CodeMR is a software quality and static code analysis tool that helps software companies developing better code, better quality. CodeMR supports multiple programming languages. Java, Kotlin Scala and C++

Integrated with Development Environments

CodeMR is integrated with Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA. Supports Java, KotlinScala and C++ languages.


CodeMR static code analysis tool extracts and visualises code in a single picture at Package Structure, TreeMap, Sunburst and Dependency views. CodeMR has different filtering options and supports custom queries. It visualises high-level Object Oriented quality attributes and low level metrics. Quality attributes are derived from the combinations of several metrics. 


Code is read much more often than it is written!
CodeMR saves hours in code reviews and understanding with structures, dependencies, relations and quality of software. 

CodeMR extracts quality metrics and almost all types of relations directly from source code. You can see which parts need refactoring.


Check code complexity, cohesion and coupling while investigating code quality. See what is the state of your projects code quality with CodeMR.


CodeMR has advanced modularization algorithms. It shows current package structure or extracts modules and services from source code. CodeMR helps companies to transform microservice architecture from their monolithic applications.

Who can use CodeMR?

Software Developers

Developers can inspect code quality and refactoring points. And they can see the impact of changes.

Software Architects

Architects evaluate design quality and detect design defects from a “higher point of view”.

Software Quality Assurance Engineers

Software Quality Assurance Team can see the critical parts of software in big picture and determine prioritisation of test tasks!

Project Managers

Project Managers can track the quality reports and monitor quality changes for each release.