CodeMR for IntelliJ – Business

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1 year CodeMR for IntelliJ Enterprise license key. This license is for “Business” and “Organisations” users.


  • IntelliJ Platform 2017.1 or an upper version
  • Optional IntelliJ Scala Plugin for Scala model extraction
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CodeMR is a software quality and static code analysis tool that helps software companies developing better code, better quality products.
CodeMR visualizes code metrics and high level quality attributes (Coupling, Complexity, Size) for Java and Scala projects in different views, such as Package Structure, TreeMap, Sunburst, Dependency and Graph Views.
The graph visualization technique applied in CodeMR is simple yet intuitive. CodeMR has different filtering options and supports custom queries. It visualizes high-level Object Oriented quality attributes and low level metrics. Quality attributes are derived from the combinations of several metrics. You can also create different HTML reports for the project and export many object-oriented metrics for packages, classes, and methods.